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Ketam Bunga Segar ~ Fresh Flower Crab

Ketam Bunga Segar ~ Fresh Flower Crab

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Delight in the bountiful goodness of our fresh Flower Crab, sourced exclusively from the finest selections at the Fishery Port, is a luxurious treat for all seafood lovers. To promote convenience, each crab is full of succulent meat, handpicked from the Fishery Port and are expertly cleaned and cut into two halves before delivery. Imported all the way from Malaysia and Indonesia, they bring an exotic touch to your dining table. Explore the endless possibilities; Spiced Fry with Turmeric and Salt, Flavourful Curry, Creamy Lemak Chili Padi, and the Timeless Favourite - Chili Crab. Elevate your culinary repertoire with our fresh Flower Crab and experience seafood perfection.

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